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News from the Medal Office - February 2016

News from the Medal Office - February 2016

First of all I must thank you for the great response I had for medal threaders.  The cupboard has never been bare since my request and as you can see from the summary of medals sent out, even more medals have been sent out in 2015.


There were two fairly unusual requests this year one was for The Mercy Bus initiative., This initiative was blessed by Pope Francis in Rome prior to launch It is the brainchild of Fr Frankie Mulgrew, a priest in the Diocese of Salford and the son of comedian Jimmy Cricket. The bus is a way of meeting all people and inviting them to think about Christianity”, he explains. “It may help them to think about how the message of love and mercy applies to their lives.” The bus will stop in town centres, housing estates, colleges and homeless centres. It will hold priests who are ready to hear confession, to give blessings or for a simple chat. The young volunteers in the bus would be distributing leaflets to the passers-by.Fr Mulgrew wants to give everyone who visits the bus a miraculous medal.  The diocese bought  10.000 medals .The bus was introduced as a response to Pope’s announcement of the Jubilee Year of Mercy. The bishop of the Salford Diocese, Bishop John Arnold said that, “the Mercy Bus is a way of reaching out to people who might not otherwise have contact with the Church. We are going to them, rather than expecting them to come to us..  This initiative will last for the whole of Lent


The second request was from a newly formed group, The Catholic Society. from Leeds Trinity University”  Last October  a letter came, telling me that the a new group was being formed and asking for a gift of medals as they wanted to give one to each of the students.  I had received a donation of £50.00 from a lady who each year asks me to send medals to the Apostleship of the Sea. to be distributed to mostly foreign sailors. With her £50.00 and a few smaller donations I was able to send 1000 medals and leaflets.
As usual I have had many letters telling me of the many favours and blessings they have received from the hands of Our Lady through the miraculous medal. I will quote just one incident from a letter that Sr Ann Buckeridge received some time ago written by a Missionary of Charity in Liverpool .

“We started our Night ministry called “Night Fever”. We exposed Our Lord in adoration at 9.00pm and some of us would stand outside on the pavement and invite the night club goers to come in for a minute or so and light a candle to Jesus and we would give them miraculous medals.  On the very first night something beautiful happened. A young woman aged 21 or 22 named Tamara came in and lit a candle to Jesus.  As she walked out of the chapel I asked her name and put a miraculous medal round her neck saying a small prayer “Mary, mother of Jesus, be a mother to Tamara”.  She took the medal and walked out.  About 10 minutes or so later she came back and sat with us in front of the Blessed Sacrament till the end.  She cried and cried in front of Jesus.  When we came out she shared with us how she was overwhelmed by the experience.  She had tied on the miraculous medal and said that this medal had urged her to come back to the chapel and that she could not understand what she had experienced.  She was just very grateful for letting her in.  I truly believe that it was Our Lady through her medal that bought her back to the Blessed Sacrament”

Please do remember all those who receive the medal and all those who distribute them in your prayers.