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Saying ‘Yes’ to the prompting of the Spirit

Saying ‘Yes’ to the prompting of the Spirit

…….and becoming a Sister!

My name is Nadine Henderson, and I come from Coatbridge in Scotland.

For the past two years I have been part of an ‘Accompaniment Programme’ with the Daughters of Charity, trying to discern what God is asking of me and what God wants for my future. 

For about eleven years I have felt God was inviting me to serve Him and give my life to Him as a Sister. I had mixed feelings about what I felt God was asking of me. I talked to friends and my Parish priest, all who were positive in their support. I had great support from my family too and this made it easier to respond to God’s call.


There as so many Religious Orders that I wasn’t sure where to start. A priest from home told me to go online and find a website called ‘Vision Vocation Match’. This website gives a number of questions to answer. When I had finished answering the questions the website offered various Religious Orders who matched my profile. Emails etc are provided by the website and I decided to contact the Daughters of Charity.

Through this I met up with Sr Theresa Tighe, who just happened to be a native of my hometown, Coatbridge in Scotland! I met regularly with Theresa and I was also invited to meet every month with Sr Cecilia Dowd. Cecilia took me to visit many of the Sisters’ houses in Scotland. This gave me the chance to meet the Sisters and to see the different ministries the Daughters of Charity are doing.

I also had the chance to spend a week of ‘Come and Serve’ with the Sr Patricia and the Sisters who work in Abbeywood in south London. Although this was only a week, it was a wonderful experience, getting to work alongside the Sisters and the opportunity to live and pray with them. I would have loved to have stayed longer!!!

All this support from family, friends and the Sisters has helped me to discern that I do feel God is inviting me to come and serve Him as a Daughter of Charity.

Now find myself in Hull as a Postulant for the Daughters of Charity. This will probably be a year-long experience prior to going into the Seminary, our ‘noviciate’. I arrived on September 26th, the eve of the Feast of St Vincent, and I am looking forward to getting steeped into ministry with the Sisters.

I’m sure this is where God wants me to be at the moment, and I’m sure He will continue to guide me.