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The Pride of St Columba's!

The Pride of St Columba's!

By now, 60 years a Daughter of Charity, I shouldn't be surprised at our 'God of Surprises' - but happily last week I was!

Feeling a 'bit down' at the time, I went along to an Assembly, "Pride of Britain Awards", at St Columba's Primary in Huyton - doing the Head a favour I thought, by filling up the front seats with the Lollipop Man, Head Cook, Church- door- Opener and myself. Suddenly Miss Evans interrupted the children's roll-call and announced, "Pride of St Columba's" - and we heard our names being called!

The Head Cook burst into tears, the Lollipop Man whispered, "If I'd known this, I'd have worn my suit", and I was speechless (unusual for me!!)

We were like children again, walking down the avenue of balloons, and posing for our photos.

Why am I telling you this? I learnt AGAIN how God's healing power to lift our spirits comes unexpectedly - this time through sharing a child-like experience WITH the children.....uplifting and joyful.

Fran Martin DC