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31st August: Provincial Assembly Opening Ceremony

31st August: Provincial Assembly Opening Ceremony

A wonderful start

Today we officially opened our Provincial Assembly, which runs for two weeks until the 12th September. Not only is this our first digital Assembly held entirely via Zoom, but also our very first as the Province of Rosalie Rendu.

This Assembly's theme is EPHATA - BREAK THROUGH THE GATES - GO TOWARDS - E.NCOUNTER. Key issues that will be discussed over the following days include: Human Rights,  Care of our Common Home, the Mystique of Living Together, Passing on the Faith to Young People and the Boldness of Charity.

This morning, the Opening Ceremony saw oaths taken, the laying of coloured cloths to signify Australia and Britain and the oceans between us; the Assembly Candle lit, hymns, prayers and a rememberance of our dear Sisters who have died in Australia and Britain in the past six years since our last Assembly.

Thank you to all who took part and turned the occasion into a wonderful beginning.