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Black Lives Matter (George Floyd)

Made in the image of God

Black lives matter, and the Daughters of Charity believe that every person is made in the image and likeness of God. As members of a global human family, we are all brothers and sisters of equal value and importance. Also, as a Roman Catholic international Congregation of women, our Sisters have their birth origins spread across the five continents. We come in all colours, shapes, sizes and ages, sharing the same calling and vocation: " To give ourselves to God, in community for the service of those who are poor. " We serve anyone in need, with love, respect and compassion, regardless of age, religion, gender, skin colour or ethnic background. We have a fundamental regard for the human rights of every individual.

It was with great sadness and disbelief that we watched the News on TV and saw George Floyd's horrific death as he was restrained by a policeman who pinned him down to the road, compressing his neck until he could not breathe. The whole of the USA, and indeed in many major cities around the world, people have taken to to the streets to protest against George's barbaric treatment, and the underlying structural injustices which serve to perpetuate oppression and inequality. Things have to change - there is only one race - THE HUMAN RACE - and we belong together as "brothers and sisters" on our shared planet. We commit ourselves to work for systemic change which will lead to real justice and lasting peace for all. In these painful days this desire is at the heart of our prayer and all our relationships.

In the USA the Daughters of Charity comprise of two Provinces of nearly 500 Sisters serving in Social Services, Prison Ministry, Health Care, Education, Immigration, Prevention of Trafficking and more. They have issued a powerful statement on the death of George Floyd which expresses their outrage, their solidarity and their commitment to action. This text can be downloaded here

Here in Great Britain the Daughters of Charity give oversight to numerous services and projects through DC SERVICES and through this body we have issued our own public Statement: See below