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Boldness of Charity

Boldness of Charity

For a new Missionary Momentum

“The Boldness of Charity for a New Missionary Momentum” was the shared theme for all the Daughters of Charity attending their Assemblies, throughout the world in 2014. This theme has guided us in renewing our spiritual and missionary zeal according to the Charism of our Founders. Today we reflected on the major themes of the Inter Assembly Document, (of the same name). A document which, for the past 6 years, has shaped our Provincial and Local Community Plans and, as a consequece, our ministries and daily living.The themes we briefly re-visited today were:

  • Communication at every level
  • Ecology and Care of our Common Home
  • Prayer and our Spiritual Lives
  • The major poverties of our times: Migrancy, Refugees, Being Trafficked; Homelessness ...
  • The Internationality of the Company - a "Company without Borders"
  • Creating a Culture of Vocation
  • On Going Formation
  • Collaboration in Mission and Ministries
  • Working with Youth
  • Prayer and Presence

Then we asked ourselves: What still needs to be done? What still needs bringing forward for inclusion?